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Gaviri PocketSearch Features

Today's consumers carry their valuable data such as email, pictures, video, songs, etc. on portable storage devices such as flash drives. They want to be able to find any of this information from anywhere. The drawback to effectively using mobile data is that until now there has not been a portable search engine that users can rely on either at home or on the road. Gaviri PocketSearch was designed to solve the problem of search engine portability.

Gaviri PocketSearch allows you to find that picture, email, video or any other file in a flash from anywhere! Desktop search engines are the old way of searching because they assume you search only when you are at your desktop. Gaviri PocketSearch assumes you own portable devices in addition to your desktop and may search any device at anytime and from anywhere.

  • Designed for Mobility

    Your files are mobile, you store photos, music, videos, work and personal files on portable drives which you take with you. You need a way to easily search these files anywhere. Gaviri PocketSearch allows you to do so

  • You Use Portable Drives to Backup Home or Office Files

    You need Gaviri PocketSearch® to quickly and easily find the file or files you need. A search like "ext:mp3" lists all the MP3 files on your drive. PocketSearch has many time-saving and useful search features to make you more productive

  • You Use Portable Drives to create Home or Professional Digital Libraries

    You need Gaviri PocketSearch® to quickly and easily find the file or files you need. You may search for files by title, file type or keywords. PocketSearch has many features to make the contents of your digital library easily accessible

  • Open Folder

    You find a file and with one click PocketSearch will take you directly to the folder where the file is stored. With PocketSearch, finding files and getting to where they are stored is a breeze!

  • View As Text

    View the text for a document you cannot open because you do not have the application that created it. PocketSearch extracts the text for you

  • Search Term Highlighting

    Your search terms are highlighted so you can easily see the valid sections of the document

  • On-the-fly-Indexing of Documents

    After installing, PocketSearch automatically indexes the contents of the drive. Newly added files are indexed automatically

  • Easy Search

    To search, simply plug the drive into any PC and start Gaviri PocketSearch. PocketSearch runs on Windows. Mac and Linux versions will be available in the October or November of 2005

  • Indexes Many File Types

    PocketSearch indexes music, video, audio, any word processing document, such as Microsoft Word, StarOffice, OpenOffice, excel files, presentation, spreadsheets, graphics or any other file formats found on the portable drive, see supported file formats.

  • Automatic Categorization of data

    PocketSearch automatically categorizes the data found on your drive. Automatic categorization allows you to quickly see what kinds of information are available on your drive. It also allows you to easily restrict searches to specific categories such as music, photos, videos, office files, PDFs, etc.

  • Flexibility

    Since you may sometimes need to use your portable drive to copy files from one PC to another, PocketSearch allows you to easily turn indexing off and on through the Preferences option.

  • PocketSearch Installs On Your Portable Drive

    Unlike desktop search engines which are installed on your desktop hard drive, PocketSearch is installed on your portable drive. PocketSearch is always with your data, ready to go to work for you

  • Runs On Any Portable Drive

    PocketSearch runs on any portable drive regardless of manufacturer, capacity or interface so you are not forced to choose

  • Quick and Easy To Install

    PocketSearch is quick and easy to install, anyone can install and use it. It takes one to two minutes to install

  • Multi-lingual

    PocketSearch can index and search in almost any language. The default User Interface for version 1.1.1 is English. But the software is now available in 14 languages (Arabic, English, French, German, Hebrew, Korean, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Norwegian, Russian and Ukrainian). Many more languages are being added. You may select any language directly from the search interface ? no need to download special language modules

  • Cross-platform

    PocketSearch runs natively on Windows, Linux, Mac and UNIX. The advantage of this is that users who have a mix of Windows, Mac, Linux or UNIX can have access to all their files using the same software!

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