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Gaviri Product Family User Testimonials

I am very impressed
I am very impressed with your excellent service, as well as your excellent program (in fact, I still find it mind boggling that it is possible to have such a good program as a portable application, amazing stuff).
     - Perry van der Knaap - The Netherlands
You have a superb tool
You have a superb tool, just found it today after doing a google search on Portable search engine, google desktop get in your box!
     - Nick Hermans
Search across any number of devices...
PocketSearch (Universal SearchOS) lets you search across any number of devices, drives, and even platforms, putting it a notch ahead of desktop search products from Web giants such as Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft.
     - Jamie Lendino
I am truly impressed
I must say that I am truly impressed with your product, it has made organizing my files from pictures, to documents, to everything, so easy to do. I will recommend this to all my friends
     - Andrew T. Cohen -- The UK
I have now taken Google desktop search off...
I would like to say how impressed I am with your 2.1beta and to say I have now taken Google desktop search off my computer after only 12 hours!"
     - Andrew T. Cohen -- The UK
Your Beta version is better then the full...
Your desktop search program (Gaviri PocketSearch) is really amazing. It's the best. Your Beta version is better than the full version of Google and Microsoft....
     - Hamid Salehi Rad -- Iran
My respect...
First of all my respect. PocketSearch is an excellent application and much better than all the other search engines like Copernic, Yahoo, Google or Microsoft's desktop search. The program is fast, reliable and above all a portable solution.
     - Joerg Burkhardt -- Denmark
Congratulations on the product.
First of all I wanted to congratulate you for this product. I can use it without local administration of the PC. It's really great.
     - Gabril Claude -- France
Such good services, and good software
I have to say that it is companies like yours that make the Internet a special place. I wish all other software companies were as helpful and generous. Such good service, and good software, is sure to win you new customers and keep old ones coming back.
     - Michael Woodruff -- The UK
After working with Google Desktop Search, Copernic, X1 and many others, I really think you have a wonderful product.
     - Amnon Glick -- Israel
It does exactly what I want
After spending frustrating hours with Google Desktop, Copernic Desktop, etc., I found PocketSearch, and so far it does exactly what I want, and it seems to do it well.
     - Bob McLain -- USA
Excellent Service
Usually I would expect to wait hours or days for a response for support, and you were on top of this immediately.  I can't tell you how refreshing and welcome that is. I intend to spread the word, not only about the quality of your product, but about how respectfully I have been treated.

     - Paul Berry -- Canada
I Can Search My USB Drive on Any Machine With SearchOS

Your product is a great help as all of our documentation is online in either PDF, Word or Excel format. I keep a copy of all documentation on a USB drive that also has Universal SearchOS on it. I can then use the drive on any machine to search the documentation.

     - K.L -- USA
Search OS Impressively Useful in Our Corporate Environment

Search OS has been impressively useful in our environment.  The ability to search across removable devices and network locations has truly saved our employees time by pointing them in the right direction, right away.  Another great feature which saved me so much time personally is the ability to index the emails in pst files.  I no longer have to add a pst to my Outlook to find out what’s in it.

     - M. Toledo - Menshen Packaging USA, Inc.
I Can Count on Search OS to Find the File
The benefit that really appealed to me, and convinced me to choose your product over Google Desktop or Microsoft's search engines is the fact that Search OS indexes the entire document.  Google and Microsoft only index a limited part of the document.  I have some rather large documents that I index and search.  Google and others may not find a document if my search phrase doesn't appear until the latter parts of the document.  Yours does.  I can count on it.
     - Steven Meacham -- USA
Best Search Concept
"... great job for thinking about having index file storing locally at each device. This is something which I have thought about a long time but didn't find the right product. Tried Google Desktop, Copernic... but you guys have the best concept."
     - Kelvin Lee - Singapore
Search OS sets the standards that Others Will Follow
Overall SearchOS is a well thought out and well designed program with first rate customer service. The results are fast and the preview panel a great asset. It certainly sets the standards that others will follow.
     - Mark Naughton - The UK
You Have the Edge
With Microsoft saying Search is the most important thing these days with online storage, large HDs etc, to be the first program and company to produce a product that is not tied into a browser certainly gives you the edge - I wish you and your company great success!

     - Mark - UK
Unified Search and Portable Too - One-of-a-Kind Search OS
SearchOS (formerly PocketSearch) sets the standard for search engines going forward! The idea of using one search engine to retrieve information from any device or any computer network and the Web is one-of-a-kind. After a long search for a complete search solution that is universal and also portable (so I can use it with my external HD), SearchOS arose as the only solution. Even though I was searching multiple devices and multiple datasources, SearchOS consistently delivered fast and accurate search results. No other search software, neither one from Microsoft, Google, Yahoo or Copernic offered me such possibilities. Congratulations for setting a new search standard.
     - Marcelo André Bulgueroni - Brazil
The software is superb, the dedication and civility of your team very rare
The standard you set is very high. The software is superb, and the dedication and civility of your team is something rare. My hat goes off to all of you.
     - Brooks Baldwin - USA
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