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Playing & Managing Video & Music Files

We have so many video and music files on the devices we use. Sometimes it's impossible to browse through them all and enjoy them when we want to.

Gaviri Universal SearchOS makes it so easy to find and play all my music and video files. It even helps you manage valuable storage space by allowing you to delete duplicates and move them around from one device to another! We all know how much space these files can take up.

Gaviri Universal SearchOS has an embedded media player that lets you listen to music and play videos right from the UI without having to open another application.


To play a video file, lets first select the devices we want to search from the "Searchable Devices" panel on the left hand side. For this example, we'll select all devices for the search so we can also delete duplicates. Let's search for Jimmy Hendrix. We'll type "jim" in the search box and click on the "Videos" category....WOW! I see I have four of the same videos on multiple drives/devices.


Gaviri Universal SearchOS even searches zipped files! You can see we have a copy of the video in a archive file on our (D:) drive.


If I click on "Play" in the media player controls, the video starts to play right from within the archived file without having to extract it!


If we click on the "Music" category leaving "jim" as the search query, the search returns only one music file.


Let's go back to the "Video" category so we can delete some duplicate videos. We see we have four of the same videos. We would play them before we delete them to make sure they are duplicates! To delete duplicates, highlight the file to delete and right click to bring up the context menu. Select "delete" and you'll be prompted to confirm. You can just as easily rename, copy or move the file anywhere you want!


Click "Yes" and it's gone!


That just freed up some space on our USB drive and Universal SearchOS automatically updates the index and search results! Universal SearchOS makes it so easy and convenient....


Now going back to music files, if we select the "Music" category and type in "U2", you see we get a bunch of hits.


We can browse through all of them. Play, delete, copy or move the ones we want from the various devices. Isn't that cool!

Now you can easily enjoy your media files without the hassle of trying to find them first on the many devices you own! Plus you get to free up valuable space. Enjoy!



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