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How to Search Network Drives

Gaviri Universal SearchOS makes indexing and searching home or corporate network drives painless. To search network drives in addition to any other portable and non-portable devices, you need Gaviri Universal SearchOS Network Edition, not the Professional Edition. The network edition has everything the professional edition has, plus network indexing and searching capabilities.

How it works: Gaviri Universal SearchOS Network Edition automatically detects and lists all the sources of information available to you during setup. If you are connected to a network, Gaviri Universal SearchOS will detect the network drives for you. You may uncheck one or all network drives if you do not want to index them or select the folders or files you want to index. After installation, Gaviri Universal SearchOS will list the network drives for you, along with all your other devices, in the "Searchable Devices" pane. The image below shows a listing of all the devices I have access to but I have highlighted just the network drives (drives Y and Z).


Gaviri Universal SearchOS Network allows you to index and search only the network drives you have access to. The checkboxes next to the searchable devices list allow you to restrict a search to just the network drive(s) or to any other searchable device. When all the devices are checked, any search entered in the search input box is run against all the devices. You may exclude a device from searching by unchecking the device.

Gaviri Universal SearchOS Network Edition extends your range of searchable devices to network drives. Finally, you have a tool that makes you the master of your data because you can find your data like a professional, regardless of whether the data is on the network drive, on the desktop, on a flash drive, on the SD card in your digital camera or smartphone, on an external drive or practically on any device you save data to. Gaviri Universal SearchOS gives you the power to find your data, use it.



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