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How to Manage Saved Searches

Saved searches are a time saving and fun feature! Saved searches allow you to run complex searches without having to enter the search criteria again. You can create albums of your favorite pictures or special events. Need to keep a group of documents handy? Saved searches will allow you to do that.

Let's save a search so you see how it's done. I'm a car nut and I go to the auto show every year. I know I have a bunch of pictures from the Auto Show in 2006. I want to easily look at those pictures whenever I want. So instead of looking through hundreds of pictures every time, I can create an album by saving that search and calling it "Auto Show 2006".

The first step is to find and rename the pictures. I know the naming convention of the camera I took the pictures with is "DSC" so if I do a search for "DSC" in the "Pictures" category, I can browse through the search results to find the Auto Show pictures. Once I find them, I'll select the ones I want to include in my saved search photo album and do a batch rename. You can do a batch rename (Rename Many Pictures at Once) of the pictures very easily. In this case I'll call them all "Auto Show 2006". Type in the name and click "Ok." Wait a couple of seconds for the renaming to take effect and for the indexer to index the new names. It can take a while if you selected a lot of pictures so be patient.


Once the renaming is done and the indexer has indexed the new names, do a search for "Auto Show 2006" in the "Pictures" category. You can see the search results are limited to just those pictures now.


The next step is to save the search and give it a name. If you click on the small floppy disk icon next to the search box, another dialog box will appear prompting you to give your saved search a name. You'll notice that it is already giving you a suggestion based on the search you did. You may leave that or call it something else. In this case, I'll leave it as is and click "Ok".


Now you'll see the saved search appear under the Saved Searches heading on the left hand side.


Now lets clear the search box and click on another category so we can see the saved search work. Once the search box is clear and you have selected another category, highlight the saved search "Auto Show 2006" and right click to bring up the context menu box.


Click on "Run Search" and whola! You just created an album named "Auto Show 2006" with your (or at least my) favorite pictures! You can also double click on the saved search to run it.


Wasn't that easy? I can just as easily create a file cabinet that contains documents I selected to be included in a specific search. You can do that with any file type. I hope you enjoyed this tip. Let me know if you have any questions.



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