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Gaviri’s Universal Search Versus Desktop Search Silos

You may have heard of a new type of search engine called Gaviri Universal SearchOS. You may also have thought Gaviri Universal SearchOS is "just another desktop search engine." Well, not quite. There is a big difference between Gaviri Universal SearchOS and desktop search engines. The biggest difference, besides feature set, is in the approach to search. Gaviri Universal SearchOS was conceived from the ground up as a universal search engine. In other words, Gaviri Universal SearchOS is to the many devices you use what the browser is to the World Wide Web -- a simple, consistent way to access the information on all the devices you use. Desktop search engines on the other hand, work very much on the concept of silos, they work only on one device, the desktop.

Today, the desktop is one of many devices we use. We use portable devices (flash and external drives, smartphones, PocketPCs, digital cameras, MP3 players, SD cards, etc.) to create and store information on-the-go. We also use desktops, laptops, tablet PCs, and connect to networks and the Web. Given the change in how we work and play, we need a universal way to access the information on all the devices we use. Gaviri Universal SearchOS is the universal search engine that enables you to find your data on any and all of the devices you use, including home and office network drives.

When choosing a search solution, whether for home or for business, it is important to consider all the information sources you need to search. The choice you make determines how easy it is for you to find information across the devices and data sources you use and how productive you are. The Gaviri approach gives you an easy, consistent, one-stop-search approach to accessing the data on all the devices you use. The desktop search approach limits you to one device, the desktop.

Some of the Things You Can Do With Gaviri Universal SearchOS that You Can't Do With Desktop Search Engines

  • Perform a universal search across all the devices you use (flash drives, smartphones, PocketPCs, external drives, MP3 players, digital cameras, desktops, laptops, etc.
  • Search network drives
  • Search portability: Install Gaviri Universal SearchOS on a flash drive or any other portable device and take your search engine with you
  • Plug & Play search for all desktop and portable computing standards such as U3, Ceedo, PortableApps, Standard USB, networks, FireWire. Gaviri Universal SearchOS is the only search engine that allows you to simultaneously search all these incompatible portable computing frameworks!
  • 100% privacy: Gaviri Universal SearchOS keeps your personal or corporate data private, absolutely no data is transmitted to any external server.
  • Leaves no traces behind: Unlike desktop search engines, Gaviri Universal SearchOS does not leave traces of the files on your devices on a host computer. Gaviri Universal SearchOS uses its Sandbox searching technology to ensure that all searching is done on the device itself and so leaves no traces of the files on the portable device.



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