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Gaviri OEM SearchOS

Are you still manufacturing devices with multiple, incompatible search engines?

Embed SearchOS into your products and help users find and enjoy all the stuff they’ve stashed away on your devices. Gaviri Universal SearchOS is the first and only solution that allows device manufacturers – consumer and corporate --- to use one universal search solution with minimal investment and complexity!

Major advantages of SearchOS

In addition to portability, better functionality, strong data, you will be able to use SearchOS on all the devices you manufacture, as plug & play: Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Symbian Mobile phones, Windows Mobile phones, Blackberry mobile phones, Flash and external drives, CompactFlash

  • No need using proprietary search engines that do not interoperate. Focus on your core competences and leave universal search to SearchOS.
  • Device Support: flash drives, external drives, NAS drives, MP3 players, home entertainment systems, desktops, laptops, wristwatches, picture frames, personal digital assistants, digital cameras, USB pens.
  • All sizes, all capacities, SSD, flash and regular drive technology.
  • Stand out from the crowd!

The ability to use one searchOS on all the systems you use in the enterprise – mobile and non-mobile would increase productivity and dramatically reduce support costs while increasing user loyalty. We have not ported to all of these OSs yet, but are planning to do so immediately.

Private Label

Rebrand Gaviri Universal SearchOS to your private label and customize it to work the way you want.


Features include:


The same search engine that runs on the desktop and network runs on flash and external drives, smartphones, etc. so users have powerful, universal search at all times


SearchOS has introduced many search innovations: search portability, cross-platform search, sandbox indexing and searching, adaptive search technology, secure search, SearchOS is the first to introduce data personalization.

Maximum Security

No data is uploaded to any external server outside of the enterprise or home, no matter how careless the user is

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