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Find and Manage Pictures On Your Digital Camera

Yes! You can install and run Gaviri Universal SearchOS entirely on your digital camera. How do I do that? If your digital camera is attached to your computer during the installation of Gaviri Universal SearchOS, you will see the camera listed in the list of devices, leave it checked. Gaviri Universal SearchOS will be installed on the SD card or CompactFlash card on the camera. If you have already installed Gaviri Universal SearchOS to the desktop, laptop or network drive, connect the digital camera to the computer via USB or FireWire ports.
start Gaviri Universal SearchOS and click on File|Install To Other Devices, Gaviri Universal SearchOS will detect the camera for you, click OK to install. That's it.

Why would I want to install Gaviri Universal SearchOS on my digital camera? Because Gaviri Universal SearchOS allows you to easily do many things you couldn't do today. For example, you can easily find any file from your camera by searching because your search engine is right on the camera, not at home. You could quickly rename those thousands of non-descriptive names your camera gives to your files (see Productivity Tip: Rename Many Pictures at Once). You could easily rotate, resize and print your pictures directly from your digital camera. Finally, you can easily integrate the data on your camera to data on your desktop, flash drive, network, etc. The picture below shows Gaviri Universal SearchOS running off my Sony digital camera.


How do you use Gaviri Universal SearchOS on a digital camera? Connect it to any computer, Windows will find the new device and give you a list of actions you can take, one of which is "Run Gaviri Universal SearchOS." Select "Run Gaviri Universal SearchOS" from the list. If you do not see the list, open the drive letter assigned to the digital camera. You will see a "Universal SearchOS" folder. Open the folder and click on Gaviri Universal SearchOS to start the application. Gaviri Universal SearchOS will start from the digital camera and you will see a list of all your pictures. You may batch rename, resize, move, delete, copy or easily perform many other operations directly and quickly.

Gaviri Universal SearchOS uses a Sandbox searching technique -- all the searching, copying, moving, happens on each device. Nothing is moved from one device to another or to the PC. Because of Sandbox searching technique you can be assured that you will not leave any trace of your files behind on the PC -- even if the PC is yours.

Unfortunately, not all digital cameras show themselves as USB storage devices. You will not be able to install Gaviri Universal SearchOS to your digital camera if it does not show up as a USB or FireWire storage device under the operating system you are using.



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