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Edit or Create Categories

This is another really useful feature! Gaviri Universal SearchOS dynamically categorizes all the content found on your hard drives and portable devices in easy to browse categories.

Let's say I have a certain file type I want to search for. In this example, let's say I want to find all my Word files. I know Word files end with the ".doc" file extension. There are a number of ways I can search for them. I can type "ext:doc" or "*.doc" in the search box or click on the "Office" category.

Because the Office category is associated with all types of office documents, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Text, etc., Universal SearchOS will display all the files in that category. Which is great if I don't know what type of file I'm looking for but I know it's an Office document.


But if I wanted to display just ".doc" files, I can easily edit the category to display just the files with the ".doc" file extension or create a whole new category. If I have a proprietary file format, I would probably want to keep those files in a separate category (or maybe not) but if I wanted too I could create a new category for just that file type. Let's see how all this works.

To edit an existing category by adding or removing a file type, I go to "Tools" and select "Edit Categories".


You'll see the "Category Editor" dialog box appear.


Highlight the category you want to edit and click on the "Edit" button. For this example, we'll edit the "Office" category and remove the ".doc" file extension so later we can create a new category for just ".doc" file types. Click "OK" after you delete the ".doc" file type and "OK" in the Category Editor. If I was adding a file type, I would just type it in (*.file extension) and click "OK".


Now if you click on the Office category, you'll see there are no Word files with the ".doc" file extension in the search results.


Now let's create a new category associated with just ".doc" files. Follow the same steps to edit a category to open up the Category Editor dialog box. This time we'll click on the "Add New" button.


You'll see the "Add New Category" dialog box appear. Enter a Category Name. In this example, I'll call it "My Word Files" and associate it with the "*.doc" file extension. Don't forget the "asterisk"! We'll also select a unique icon, in this case we'll select the "bulb.png" icon to help distinguish it in the menu. You can also import custom icons. Click "OK" to apply the new rules and exit.


Once you click "Ok", this dialog box will appear letting you know that a new category has been created and that the icon will appear in your menu but only if you have that file type on any of your devices. This is really great! Because the categories are created dynamically, if you don't have a certain file type, the icon will not appear in your menu. Click "OK" to exit.


Now lets look at the toolbar to see if our icon is there and there it is! You might have to maximize the UI or click on the ">>" to see all the categories.


Now if I click on the new category, you'll see that only Word files with the ".doc" file extension are returned in the search results.


It's that simple! I can do that with any file type. It's wonderful if you have a proprietary file type you work with and you want to be able to easily find those files. 

I can just as quickly and easily delete categories. Open up the Category Editor, highlight the category you want to delete and click on the "Delete" button.


You'll be prompted to confirm the deletion and that's it!


Don't forget to associate the file types you're deleting with another category. Unless you don't care!

Try adding, editing, deleting file types and categories to see how efficently you can find your data no matter where it is! Let us know if you have any questions.



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