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Does Gaviri SearchOS depend on or requires the installation of Media Player or Adobe reader?

Gaviri SearchOS does not embed or depend on IE, Windows Media Player, Acrobat or any other software. IE, Windows Media Player and Adobe Acrobat are used if they are present on the system and are the default applications on the user's system. SearchOS is designed to be cross-platform so we do not make assumptions about browsers, media players. SearchOS works with Firefox, Flock or Opera if they are your default browser. At present we look for (not embed) only Windows Media Player and Acrobat because they are the dominant applications on Windows systems. We can easily look for other applications. So if you do not use Windows Media Player or Acrobat, it is no big deal for SearchOS, we will look for and use whatever alternatives you use in your enterprise. SearchOS does not force the user to install anything, that is one of the beauty of the software -- it is highly configurable.



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