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Review: Gaviri Universal Search OS - A Universal Remote Control For Data?
CRN Magazine - Seotember 10, 2008
Gaviri Technologies is reinventing the idea of desktop searching. A developer at the New Jersey-based company referred to their Universal SearchOS as a "universal remote control" for data [...] It's searching capabilities extend to flash and external drives, smartphones, MP3 players, SD cards, SANs and more. Searching can be done all at once across a number of devices, Websites, and e-mail platforms [...] It has more robust searching capability then Google Desktop.

25 Coolest Emerging Vendors
ChannelWeb , June 30, 2008
Forget Cisco, Microsoft and HP. Upstart emerging vendors are socking it to the lumbering old school players with innovative cutting-edge technology backed up by channel programs that pack more margin and support. Check out the vendors that are changing the tech industry as we know it. [... ]Product Line: Gaviri Universal Search Operating System runs across all storage devices, computer networks, the Web and all operating systems

2008 CRN Emerging Vendors: The List
ChannelWeb , June 27, 2008
These are the risk-takers, finding success as they move to gain market share from larger, established companies. You will find Gaviri among emerging vendors the Channel is keeping an eye on. It is a privilege to be on the list!

The Search is Over!
Press Release: May 05, 2008

Everything Channel's Future of Storage Magazine to Spotlight Innovative CODiE Award Finalist - Gaviri Technologies.Gaviri's Universal Search OS Hitting the Technology Reseller Channel through Partnership with Leading Solution Provider

Gaviri Brings Indiana Jones to the Desktop
eWeek Channel Insider - April 4, 2008
Searching for long lost artifacts of data? Gaviri Technologies aims to unify searches across devices and data stores to make finding nuggets of information easy [...] Gaviri Technologies is looking to shake up the whole search world with Gaviri Universal SearchOS, an application that brings unified search to the desktop and across the enterprise. The key here is to note the "SearchOS" part of the product name, because the product does sort of work like its own little operating system.

Gaviri extends search to portable memory, handheld devices - February 24, 2008
Given the search battle royale raging between Google and Microsoft, one might think there are no other solutions. And one would be wrong.Gaviri Technologies Inc. has cross-platform desktop search capability that actually reaches beyond the desktop to USB or other connected devices, or any network-connected device that the computer detects. It also searches handheld devices and phones, on which many people store contact information and mail.

How do you find your stuff?
ZDNet - February 11, 2008
Google works for the Internet. But what about your home or office intranet, and all your portable devices? Where’s the search engine for your camera’s 16 GB CF card? Now there is one: Gaviri Universal SearchOS.

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